Happy New Year!

What a terrific year we have had at the Film Commission: the addition of filmDELNORTE, the launching of two new websites, and the creation of Local Filmmakers Night!

The Wine of Summer wraps!

Maria Matteoli's feature film, The Wine of Summer, wrapped this week!  The journey of filming in Spain, LA and finally Humboldt has come to an end.

17th Annual COLA Awards a Success

Film Commissioner, Cassandra Hesseltine, for Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, attended the 17th Annual COLA Show (California On Locations Awards) this October in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony salutes location professionals, production companies and public employees for professional excellence while working on location in the State of California.

The COLA Event Last Weekend

Cassandra Hesseltine, our Humboldt and Del Norte County Film commissioner, took part in the COLA Awards this past weekend, promoting the local areas that are ideal for filming.

“The COLA [California On Location] Awards honor industryites and public employees for excellence during on-location filming in California. Honorees include location pros and public officials who facilitate shooting.”

Discovery Channel films in Jedediah Smith State Park

The new Film Commission for Del Norte County, filmDELNORTE, is off to a great start. This past August, the Discovery Channel was the first to officially film in the region since R.R.E.E.L.,Inc. has taken Del Norte County under its jurisdiction. They filmed in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. “It was a great spot—perfect for what we were after! I don’t think the trees have ever been filmed the way we shot them,” stated the English-based producer of the shoot.